Ben S Howard’s Bio

Ben S. Howard is a dynamic author, public speaker, personal life coach and state trained Victim’s Advocate. An expert in trauma release, Ben has a special talent for connecting with clients through humor, compassion, and meeting them “where they’re at”. It is his personal life story, however, that is the true miracle behind what he teaches.

Ben grew up in a loving home environment, but severe childhood ADHD, bullying, and abuse outside the home turned his life upside down at an early age. Later in life, and after 16 years of marriage, Ben lost his wife and half his children when an impaired driver crossed over into their lane and hit them head-on. He spent the next year in and out of hospitals working with a severely injured child.

Using the same tools he teaches in his book, seminars and workshops, Ben was able to not only overcome the traumas and injuries in his life, but also find joy once again. Ben has helped clients nationwide to be able to do the same.

In his book, seminars and workshops, Ben provides simple, easy to apply principles that have enabled clients nationwide to break free and “let go” of past traumas, addictions, victimizations, injuries and abuse.

In addition, Ben has consulted and worked with addiction and recovery programs such as Positive Adjustments and individuals from the State Victims Reparations Program.

Ben S. Howard, now spends most of his time living in the mountains of northern Utah with the balance at his home in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. He has three beautiful children and two grandchildren.